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Spencer Thomas builds long-term relationships between you and your new recruits. We believe our employees are an essential part of our commitment to strengthening the communities we serve. We encourage you to apply for positions that will offer you a challenging, stimulating, and financially rewarding growth opportunity. Join our team and discover new opportunities in healthcare. depends upon your satisfaction.

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We encourage you to contact us for expert guidance. Whether you’re just beginning your HCM journey, need help with vendor selection or are experiencing challenges along the way – We’re here for you to help deliver a complete and successful customized solution to meet your goals.


As a full-service staffing agency, it is imperative that we comprehend and meet the needs of both the client and our partners in the workforce. Spencer Thomas Group has 25+ years of experience offering our clients quality, properly credentialed IT, healthcare, & SaaS providers, while also supplying customized competitive compensation and benefit plans that are tailored perfectly for the most qualified candidates.


Our industry is driven by people with a love to serving the needs of others. Spencer Thomas Group prides itself on the services we deliver to our fellow citizens, serving wholeheartedly with a compassionate approach regarding life’s challenges. We recognize that at times people need a helping hand to grow through obstacles and we pride ourselves on our ability to exceed expectations.

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For over 25 years, we’ve worked with some of biggest names in healthcare.